Meet Our Team

Our Promise to You


There are many corporate dentist franchises offering satisfaction guarantees that are very limited by the “small print” and lead to empty promises and false advertising that can harm the patient.  We offer a true satisfaction guarantee at Impact Dental because we are happy, only when you are happy.


We are blessed to have a state of the art facility and we invest in top of the line equipment and have the best of the best professional staff all designed to give you the best quality, the best results and the best experience possible. 


Our success and rapid growth is a direct reflection of our wonderful patients that have told friends and family about their new smiles and our services. Over 60% of our new patients hear about us via word-of-mouth.


We have a world class team you can trust in. Together, we have created over 10,000 new smiles and counting. We do this all day, every day and we love making people smile!


We have one of the few in-house labs in the region and can create your dentures or implants right here in our facility. We don’t have to send anything away for fitting or coloring and that saves you time. We also offer a FREE consultation and you don’t need a referral. We welcome walk-ins!

Customized Treatment

We consider every treatment as a customized solution built specifically for you. You are special to us and we have the tools and talent to give you the special treatment you desire.


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Our Facility

Meet Dr. Olson

Hello. My name is Anthony Olson. I’m the owner and dentist at Impact Dental and I’d like to share a little bit about who I am.

I grew up in the small community of Saint Edward, Nebraska. I felt I had everything because we had nothing and needed nothing. With 4 brothers, 4 sisters, 2 great parents and a great community there was never a thought of needing something.

My growth was like many kids growing up in the rural Midwest. Sports and physical labor helped me develop and shaped me for today.

I started working regularly at age 12 with summer field work.  Detasseling, bean walking, any odds and ends a local farmer could find for a 12 year old.  My first “real” job was at 14, outside washing livestock trailers mid winter and many other truck shop duties and farm chores. Fast forward a couple years and you found me up at 4:30am to head to a large hog farm. I did not entirely Love ANY of these jobs, but they would help shape my work ethic and keep me busy when not at football, basketball, or track practice. Although it was still over a decade away, this was the time of my life I discovered my aspirations to become a dentist.

My sophomore year of high school, I was at a health career fair at a Nebraska University. At the time, I thought I was there to get a day out of school with my friends. Turned out, it would be where the recruiter for the dental school would tell me that my interests may be well suited for dentistry.

After a tour of the dental school and seeing my first surgery and smile transformation, I was all in.

I committed the next 4 years into fulfilling the undergraduate prerequisites for dental school.
I used a full time construction job to fund college and be ultimately accepted into dental school.
Dental school was followed by 2 years and 134 airplane flights to continue advanced training in Implant Dentistry all over the US and Canada.
I’ve had the benefit of developing skills that can now be used to help a lot of people. I share openly with you because like many others, my past experiences have shaped me into who I am.
My driving desire to learn these skills was due to my father needing these services.
I can still remember him using some choice words back in the day when he wore a partial denture.
I have been perfecting the craft ever since the day I realized how many people can benefit from our services.
You will see this bleed into Impact Dental.
Impact Dental came to fruition due to the pandemic in 2020 while dentists were advised to take a break from practice.
Although I’m an avid golfer and enjoyed the break, I knew the time could be spent more productively. I, like others, had time to reflect on what we were doing and what we could do better moving forward.
My burning desire is to continue the rapid growth of helping more people by allowing them the ability to get affordable and quality tooth replacement options. 

Meet Dr. Wiebe

Hi, my name is Lucas Wiebe and I started my career at Impact Dental in 2023.  

I was born in the small town of Canton, SD where most of my family still resides.  My dad farmed pigs and welded full time and my mom actually worked at a dental clinic for 43 years.  My parents taught me the values of working hard early in life.  

In early years, I played football, baseball, track, and bowled.  In these sports, I learned how to be a part of a team which I think is highly valuable even today when working with my dental team!  One thing I have really been impressed with is the communication, helpfulness and the strive to be a good team with the same goal of providing exceptional care at Impact Dental.

I worked at many different jobs throughout the years before dental school.  Most of them were labor jobs, but some jobs I had extra responsibilities where I had to make leadership decisions which affected other teammates at my job.  I use these experiences every day working as a dentist.  

It wasn’t until 2010 that I knew that I wanted to become a dentist and not a physician.  I always knew that I wanted to work with patients, promote health, and help people and one day it just clicked that Dentistry was for me.  I may have been a little persuaded by my mother who had been in the dental field since she was 15 years old and loved it so much.  I realized that Dentistry would be challenging yet very fulfilling, and I can make a difference in someone’s life every day. 

I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of South Dakota in 2012 and was accepted into dental school in Lincoln, NE. 

I attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry from 2012-2016.  I didn’t know a single person in Lincoln at the time but my first day down there I met Anthony Olson.  We were similar in how we were raised, our ideals and morals aligned and we developed a strong friendship as well as a professional relationship.  Knowing each other for so long has really helped us when working towards a common goal for our patients.

Since 2016, I have practiced dentistry in Canton, SD and have made some great relationships. I have also been able to travel over the U.S. and even Puerto Rico for continuing education.  I have done hundreds of hours of CE in General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery as well as advanced implant training. The implant training I received really caught my interest.  It sparked a passion in me to focus more on surgery and implants because I feel they can make the most positive impact on patients and their day to day life.  This is why I am so excited about being at Impact Dental.

When I am not working, I like to fish, hunt, golf, and spend time at my house in rural Canton.  Most of all, I like to spend time with my wife, Brittany and my 2 year old daughter, Hollis.